Explore and trade your very own virtual world! Traverse in Metaverse with Iconic Metaride’s GRANDIOSE


Who says there is no Dreamworld? Yes, we are here. At GRANDIOSE you can create your own world from underwater diving adventures to launching yourself in space to experience the anti - gravity effect. Everyone in this community is a free bird.

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Explore the GRANDIOSE city to experience the never before experienced world in Metaverse. From Water, Land and Space structure anything that is created for community & by community to hang out with people all around the world. So what is GRANDIOSE Metaverse for? Know more



GRANDIOSE is the organized worldwide community where you can connect with the people from every corner of the world at one place. Iconic Metaride not only just sell land parcels but also develop the area according to your requirements. We provide the desirable gadgets such as VR Headset and goggles to our members who has comparatively minimum rates to explore the city. Not only just creators and visitors benefit from GRANDIOSE but entrepreneurs too can seek great opportunities for their business that too on world-wide platform. Businessmen can boom their company’s products and services here at GRANDIOSE.

Following are the sectors which can benefit and grab the opportunity in this Metaverse Land i.e GRANDIOSE.


A new world i.e the virtual one with the GRANDIOSE Metaverse promises new business, opportunities Different economies and corporation intend to enter to offer their advertised products and generate value and new economic returns.

Marketing in Metaverse

Digital marketers need to be kept up to speed with the latest technological developments. Metaverse is not just a trendy new thing; it seems like it is here to stay and is making its way to be the next big thing.

Media and Entertainment in Metaverse

As we all know now that the Metaverse is a unified space where people can access each other despite the boundaries users can exit the physical world and engage with unfamiliar yet acutely familiar surroundings for entertainment.


Gaming has progressed at an incredible rate over the years, and the Metaverse takes gaming to a whole new level .the years, and the Metaverse takes gaming to a whole new level, making the virtual world feel incredibly real to users. The Metaverse is a social space where they can compete while also socializing with their friends.

Education Sector

The Metaverse thrives on the use of digital tools online technology and creates worlds through virtual reality. Its immersivity will appeal to and engage with many learners of all ages,especially those in higher education who financially invest more into their learning experience.

Virtual tourism

Virtual tourism is a related field where the Metaverse can play a significant role. Customer preferences are constantly changing, which is one of the most difficult challenges in the hospitality industry.


The Metaverse will have a similar impact on commerce and trade as e-commerce platforms did on the business landscape around the world. Brands will set up virtual shops in our ICONIC META TRADE NFT HUB Metaverse city, where buyers ill be able to take a 3D virtual tour and try out various products before making a purchase.

Medical & Healthcare

Healthcare that combines the technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Internet of Medical Devices, Web 3.0, intelligent cloud, edge and quantum computing along with robotics to provide new directions to healthcare.


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